How print page numbers could solve digital problems

Musings on an idea that at first seems atrocious and on closer examination may be rather brilliant.

Some notes on notes: part two

Being an examination of some of the barriers a platform-independent notes and citations system will have to overcome.

Some notes on notes: part one

Or, how being able to get things out of a book helps to . . . get more out of books and never need to work with a paper writing service .

Books vs Ebooks: recruiting a straw man to do the legwork

A look at a clever marketing campaign for some beautiful books, leading to some thoughts on fetishism and leaving me on both sides of a manufactured skirmish.

Small steps, taken quickly

Wherein I realise a lifelong dream by enlisting the assistance of a flying monkey to illustrate a point, and relinquish the dream of ever seeing one in the flesh.

Closing the gap to print

Can ebooks evolve to acquire the qualities that currently give print an edge? Here’s my answer, in the form of a venn diagram.

Abundance in Wonderland

A cornucopia of Alices, testament to the diversity created by the evolving book (incorporating a small plug for an edition I had a hand in).

On immersiveness

Wherein I examine effective and detrimental “enhancements” to ebooks, and reduce the sublime pleasure of reading to a series of faux-technical diagrams.

Evolution, not extinction

Wherein I torture an analogy into supporting the thesis that the evolution of the book is a Good Thing.